31 may. 2013

Grecia , una caricia para la mirada .

Bañada por el precioso mar Mediterraneo, con sus colores tan incomparables, con un brillo totalmente único en su luz, es sencillamente una caricia para la mirada.

 - Music: Burnt City by One hour before the trip - http://ohbtt.gr/ - This is a collection of timelapses and video I shot with Nikon D700, D7000 and GoPro cameras over 16 days in May 2012. In total, we covered around 2500km by car and ended up with more than 116000 pictures and video (over 2TB of data). The motion-control sequences were done with a Dynamic Perception stage zero dolly - dynamicperception.com - and a Celestron Skywatcher backpacker 80/Merlin tracking head. Post processed with Adobe Lightroom, Adobe After Effects, SNS HDR Pro and LRTimelapse - lrtimelapse.com . Individual scenes available in 4k resolution on request.
 Locations: Athens, Meteora, Zagori, Zakynthos, Olympia, Dimitsana, Argos, Nafplio, Epidavros and Santorini.
 If you would like to see more of my work, check out these links: Vimeo - http://vimeo.com/stianrekdal 500px - http://500px.com/plan9 Flickr - http://flickr.com/photos/stianrekdal/

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