27 may. 2011

Puerto Candelaria presents Cumbia Society

The spectacular Colombian band Puerto Candelaria is led by pianist and composer Juancho Valencia, who enthralled audiences in Europe, Asia and Latin America with his explosive shows. This year the band works together with the cumbia musicians Martina Camargo and ‘Mañy’ Rodriguez.
 Puerto Candelaria's distinctive sound - a blend of hip Colombian music, swinging jazz and Latin ska - is now combined with traditional singing, accordion and tropical beats. The 'real' cumbia comes alive: the cumbia you hear in the bus, on the radio, at the corner of the street, at coffee plantations ..

Juancho Valencia: piano
Eduardo Gonzalez: bass and vocals
Jose Tobón: sax
Cristian Rios: trombone
Juan Guillermo Aguilar: percussion
Didier Martinez: percussion.

Martina Camargo: vocals
'Mañy' Rodriguez: vocals and accordion

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